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What is Strypes Lab?

Strypes Lab is our main training initiative, aiming to upskill the technical knowledge of young professionals in Bulgaria and prepare them for their first career steps in the IT field. It covers 4 main areas of expertise: C/C++, Python, MatLab and Feature Integrator academy. 

Entirely remote, just two days per week, and for free – Strypes Lab is a gateway to an AWESOME career start in IT. All of our courses are conducted in Bulgarian language.

Strypes Lab gives you good basic knowledge in the subject that you will study and practice . Moreover, based on your performance during the courses, you might have the chance to join the Strypes team as a full-time employee!

Everybody who is accepted in the course and successfully finishes it will receive a contract and a certificate.

Strypes Lab 2024 happens in partnership with MNKnowledge.

Strypes Lab is organized by one of the biggest IT companies in Bulgaria – Strypes Group. For more than 15 years, we have been working on various IT projects for customers in different industries. We always try to support the Bulgarian IT community by participating in many IT events with our experts speaking on various topics, sponsoring  important initiatives and working on the idea to help more and more young professionals start their career in the sector. Learn more about Strypes.

Welcome to Strypes Lab Feature Integrator Academy! We’re excited to introduce our revamped program: Strypes Lab Academy – Automation Feature Integrator.

But what exactly is an Automation Feature Integrator?

Picture this: you’ll be at the forefront of ensuring the top-notch quality of all software solutions integrated in a timely manner. Your playground? Collaborating within our team and directly with our esteemed customer, the world’s largest lithography machine producer.

As an integrator, you’ll dive deep into the Software Project Life Cycle, defining test strategies, crafting test specifications, executing tests, and automating them. Plus, you’ll play a crucial role in upholding software quality as the gatekeeper of every delivery.

What’s in store at the Automation Feature Integrator Academy?

Get ready for an immersive learning experience! Our intensive online course, conducted in Bulgarian(good command of English is a must), will equip you with both soft and technical skills. From MS Office to Linux, Shell Scripting, and QA, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry if you’re new to Linux – we’ll start from scratch.

Excitingly, we’re adding Python basics to the curriculum, specifically tailored for automation (both testing and scripting). If you already have some Python knowledge, that’s a bonus!

Who should join?

Career changers, recent graduates, and IT enthusiasts looking to broaden their horizons are all welcome to apply. Unlike our other academies, there’s no entry or final exam here. Instead, those who demonstrate exceptional performance throughout the course will be selected for an interview, providing them with the opportunity to join our company.


During the Automation Feature Integrator training you will learn:

  • MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Linux: CLI (Command Line Interface) usage, Files and strings operations, Regex, File/Directory Structure, How to searchfiles and strings, Archives, Remote connection, Shell scripts  
  • QA: SW Testing Fundamentals, Software Development Lifecycle, SW Bugs and Bug Tracking, Types of SW Testing Techniques
  • Python introduction, Data Types and Data Structures, Functions, Control Flow and Error Handling, Working with files, Object Oriented Programming, Classes – methods and variables, Regex, Testing, Automation 


The Automation Feature Integrator Classes will be  conducted remotely, after working hours (at 18:30), three times per week.

Аutomation Feature Integrator Academy Timeline

  1. Application process closes

  2. Opening

  3. Module 1: Business Coaching

  4. Module 2: Linux

  5. Module 3: QA

  6. Module 4: MS Office

  7. Module 5: Python

  8. Start your career

Advanced Python Academy

Course Overview:

Dive into the world of data science with our Advanced Python Academy, an intensive, pragmatic, and data-oriented two-week training. Perfect for those with a basic understanding of programming and mathematics, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to Python for data science.

Knowledge in Python is recommended but not required.

  • Start: 29 July, 2024
  • End: 9 August, 2024

Course Content:

  • Python Introduction– Crash course
  • Python Statistics Module
  • Numpy
  • Arrays
  • Random
  • Ufunc
  • Pandas
  • Series and DataFrames
  • Reading data – CSV, JSON, SQL
  • Matplotlib

This course is designed for individuals who:

  • Have some programming knowledge
  • Understand basic mathematics, probabilities, and statistics
  • Are motivated to actively participate
  • Love working with data
  • Are eager to develop and showcase their projects

Lectures are conducted remotely, in Bulgarian language, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 10 days, 6 hours per day


Apply now to level up your skills!

Advanced Python Academy
Intensive two-week long training

  1. Application process closes

  2. Take the test

  3. Beginning of the course

  4. End of the course

  5. Start your career

C++ Academy

Join our C++ course starting July 9th! We’ll guide you through the basics of software development, Linux commands, and the compilation process using tools like gcc and makefiles.

No need for complicated jargon! You’ll learn practical skills like handling binary numbers, using loops and conditional statements, and mastering arrays and strings. Plus, we’ll cover pointers, memory allocation, and dynamic structures in a way that’s easy to understand.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence to tackle programming tasks with C++ like a pro. Ready to roll up your sleeves and start coding? Enroll now and let’s get started!

During the C++ training you will learn:

  • Stages of the Software life cycle 
  • Linux basics (Basic Linux commands)
  • Compilation process – gcc, make and makefiles
  • Binary number system, floating point number
  • Data types and variables
  • Arithmetic, logic and bitwise operators, logic gates
  • General operators – conditional statements, loops
  • Functions
  • Pointers and pointer arithmetics
  • Arrays, strings
  • Dynamic memory – malloc(), calloc(), realloc(), free()
  • Function pointers, Static variables, variadic functions
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic structures – multidimensional arrays
  • Structs, unions, and bitfields
  • Preprocessor basics
  • Linked lists


The C++ training will be conducted remotely on Tuesday and Thursday at 18:30.

C++ Academy Timeline:

  1. Application process closes

  2. Take the test

  3. Beginning of the course

  4. End of the course

  5. Start your career

Applications are now open

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Whom is Strypes Lab for?

All students, recent graduates or professionals who want to further gain knowledge and develop within the IT sector are welcome to submit their applications. Note that all of our academies require some initial knowledge in programming prior to joining the course, apart from the Feature Integrator one.

Strypes Lab 2024 is open to people from all over the country as it will be fully online. You can join no matter the place as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

Strypes Lab is conducted in Bulgarian language.

Why Strypes Lab?

  • You will be guided by very experienced mentors.
  • It’s free.
  • You can study after business hours.
  • If hired, you don’t need to relocate and can work 100% remotely.
  • You will be able to enter the world of IT.

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