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What is Strypes Lab?

Strypes Lab is our main training initiative, aiming to upskill the technacal knowledge of young professionals in Bulgaria. It covers 4 main areas of expertise: C/C++, Python, MatLab and Feature Integrator academy. 

Entirely remote, just two days per week, and for free – Strypes Lab is a gateway to an AWESOME career start in IT. All of our courses are conducted in Bulgarian language.

We are kicking off the year strong with the main language we use at Strypes – Python, followed by a different course on C++ in March 2023.

After our courses, you will have a good basic knowledge in the subject that you will study and practice . Moreover, based on your performance during Strypes Lab, you might have the chance to join the Strypes team as a full-time employee!

Everybody who is accepted in the course and successfully finishes it will receive a contract and a certificate.

Strypes Lab 2023 happens in partnership with MNKnowledge.

Strypes Lab is organized by one of the biggest IT companies in Bulgaria – Strypes Group. For more than 15 years, we have been working on various IT projects for customers in different industries. We always try to support the Bulgarian IT community by participating in many IT events with our experts speaking on various topics, sponsoring  important initiatives and working on the idea to help more and more young professionals start their career in the sector. Learn more about Strypes.

Python Training

During the Python training you will learn:

  • Installing and configuring Linux, productively working in Linux environment, filesystem organisation, etc.
  • Python 3 programming with PyCharm and JupyterLab – syntax, data types, methods, functions, operators, and algorithmic structures
  • Using virtual environment, Python IDEs, writing and debugging Python programs
  • Solving data structure and algorithmic problems in Python
  • Working with text and binary files
  • Functional programming and higher order functions in Python
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – objects, classes and inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, method and operator overriding, object introspection, etc.
  • Reusable design patterns in OOP – Singleton, Factory Method, Builder, Iterator, Decorator, Adapter, Observer, Command, Template Method, etc.
  • Practical application projects developed incrementally using OOP and design patterns best practises – building a Model-View-Controller (MVC) application using Tkinter GUI
  • Developing your own MVC application project that demonstrates your knowledge and skills.

The Python training will be conducted remotely on Monday and Thursday at 18:30.

C++ Training

During the C++ training you will learn:

  • History of architectures, programming and language. Why C ++. Program and stages of its processing.
  • Data types and type features. Variables and constants. Elements of the program. Examples.
  • Operations and expressions. Data input and output. Bitwise operations.
  • Types of programs. Branched execution. If and switch statements. Scoping.
  • Cyclic execution. Types of cyclic processes.
  • Functions. Type of arguments.
  • One-dimensional arrays. Arrays and functions.
  • Two-dimensional arrays. Static variables.
  • Basic algorithms on arrays.
  • Pointers and dynamic memory. More about the parameters.
  • Strings. More about pointers and memory. Standard functions for working with strings.
  • Recursion. Stack frames.
  • Enumeration type. Arguments of main.
  • Pointers to functions. Higher order functions. Applications.
  • Preprocessor. Conditional compilation. Macros with parameters.
  • Structures. Memory alignment. Bit fields. Unions.
The C++ training will be conducted remotely on Monday and Wednesday at 18:30.

How does Strypes Lab 2023 work?


  1. Open for applications

  2. Pass the exam

  3. Start of the course

  4. Final exam

  5. Start your career


  1. Open for applications

  2. Pass the exam

  3. Start of the course

  4. Final exam

  5. Start your career

Whom is Strypes Lab for?

All students, recent graduates or professionals who want to further gain knowledge and develop within the IT sector are welcome to submit their applications. Note that all of our academies require some initial knowledge in programming prior to joining the course, apart from the Feature Integrator one. For the latest, no software development knowledge is needed to kick off the course!

Strypes Lab 2023 is open to people from all over the country as it will be fully online. You can join no matter the place as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

Strypes Lab is conducted in Bulgarian language.

Why Strypes Lab?

  • You will be guided by very experienced mentors.
  • It’s free.
  • You can study after business hours.
  • If hired, you don’t need to relocate and can work 100% remotely.
  • You will be able to enter the world of IT.

Are you ready to join?

Strypes Lab 2023

Applications are now open

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Associate Professor Boyko Bantchev, Ph.D.

Mr. Bantchev is a graduate from Sofia University and has been teaching there for many years. He is affiliated with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His professional focus is on research, experimentation, computer programming, and teaching in the fields of programming languages, geometric computing, vector computer graphics, and programming. Mr. Bantchev’s teaching experience includes lecturing in English and Russian.

Trayan Iliev

Trayan Iliev develops end-to-end reactive full-stack applications and services using ES, TypeScript, React, Angular, and Vue.js clients, and Flask (Python), Ktor (Kotlin), Express (TypeScript), Spring, Java EE, Reactor, Kafka,  and Golang back-ends. He has 18+ years of software development experience and 15+ years experience as an enterprise IT trainer. Trayan’s expertise covers novelties in front-end and REST/gRPC/GraphQL backend development – reactive UI, end-to-end reactive programming, distributed event stream processing, distributed machine learning, and real-time micro-service architectures. He is а real robotics / smart-things/ IoT enthusiast.

The application for September 2022 is now closed. Stay tuned for the upcoming Strypes Lab editions!

Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram to be the first to know about our future trainings and academies. 

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